How to Leave a Job that You Feel Honor-Bound

It isn’t a bad thing to be emotionally attached to your job, but if you are struggling to pay the bills, prevented from learning new skills, and don’t find much satisfaction in the job, it’s time to leave. Remember that even trees have to shed their leaves in the fall to grow new ones inContinue reading “How to Leave a Job that You Feel Honor-Bound”

The Top Three Things You Need When You Immigrate to the US

Getting a job and improving the lives of loved ones back home is a lingering thought of most African immigrants once they embark to America. I will say it was definitely an experience of mine and that of a lot of immigrants I met and shared with. Yet, once you get to America having aContinue reading “The Top Three Things You Need When You Immigrate to the US”

The American Lottery is Against by the Bible—or So She Thought

In Africa, religion constitutes a big part of people’s lives as they strive to live according to the scriptures with the hope of earning a seat in Heaven. This way of life sometimes makes it confusing and difficult to know where the boundary between religious fanaticism and spiritual growth is. The inability to draw thisContinue reading “The American Lottery is Against by the Bible—or So She Thought”

Welcome to the United Pools of America

Coming to America is the dream of many around the world. Being exposed to a good dose of the American Dream on social media and seeing first-hand the support U.S. immigrants provide for families back home obviously makes America the destination of choice for many dreamers who want to radically change their lives and theirContinue reading “Welcome to the United Pools of America”