The Solace and Experience of An African Immigrant

As of 2015, about 2.1 million African born have immigrated into the United States. A community that has grown exponentially since 1970. This blog explores the experience of African Immigrants in the US with the hope to support the African Diaspora integration in America while preserving their African Identity.

What’s in it for you?


We give you for once the opportunity to walk in the shoe of an African Immigrant in the United States and allow you to explore our story library and our list of essential tips on how to manage your finances and stress.

African Immigrants

This platform helps you manage your daily challenges as an African immigrant in the U.S., provides you with customized tips on how to intentionally manage your finances and take care of yourself while assisting your family back home.

Role Model Toolkit

We believe in the role model and growth mindset theories. We also believe dreams come true if you do your part. This section provides you with personal growth principles and resources to become a better version of yourself and become courageous enough to put an end to a generation circle.

Immigrant Daily Challenges
There is nothing more hurtful than filling limited by the inability to communicate a need. These tips will get you up to speed with two or three things about American culture.
Budget & Finance
Many wish to be financially independent, but most don’t know how to get there. Give these tips a try and celebrate your success with us later.

Learn From Stories
Storytelling has been the oldest form of knowledge transmission. We still believe in it’s impact, read our stories and tell us if it still works.

New Comers Corner

Becoming A Role Model

Struggling between preserving their cultural identity and adapting to a new environment, the African immigrant sometimes gets lost in between the two and still have to strive financially to support himself and the ones who look up to him.

And, you who have not been exposed to success stories in your family or of your kind around you and still wonder if it’s possible to make a difference. This section help will help you better understand yourself and map out your way to become the person you wish to see around you

You Don’t Have to Prove PEOPLE Wrong! You Need to Help them Become A Positive Role Model

It’s hard to end a generational cycle. Yet, it’s possible to do if you work on yourself and have the appropriate tools.



I am Sorelle Ngatchou, a Cameroonian native and a legally adopted child of the United States. Coming from a low socio-economic background and an underrepresented community, I constantly wrestle with putting an end to generational poverty.

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